Wednesday, March 23, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Don’t let myself become distracted
Keep focused on who I am
and why I’m here.

Don’t let others’ goals become mine
Fulfill my mission as lamp bearer
showing the way home.

Don’t let momentary pressures
divert me from the straight path.
Hold fast to correct principles.

Don’t forget my responsibility to influence others.
Lead in righteousness
with confidence and surety.

Don’t allow myself to become confused
by listening to the many voices around me.
Concentrate on His voice only.

Don’t allow details to consume
my time and energies,
but instead share my talents wisely.

Don’t rush into a day
without time to reflect and center;
Time to be still and know God.

Don’t complicate my life with meaningless activity.
Include only the essential.

Don’t clutter my world with unnecessary
possessions or activity.
Simplify, Simplify!

Don’t allow merely doing things
to consume the necessary nurturing time
my spirit desperately needs.

Don’t get lost in thinking I’m doing a ‘job’,
but strive instead to fulfill my mission.

Don’t permit excessive time to be spent in executing details.
It will inhibit creativity and
stifle the creation of peace and beauty in my life.

Don’t become distracted
and forget who I am
and why I’m here.

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