Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dead End

by Cheryl Merrick

I thought I’d come to a dead end.
No more would I mentor budding writers.
Perhaps I needed to learn to trust
and spend my energies in other ways.

Maybe I was only to do family history.
Maybe this time in my life was past,
and the path had closed.

I felt shut out from the world,
imprisoned in my home,
ever alone.
left to suffer out a frustrated life.

No longer to be able to
teach children,
interact with other women,
teach within the Church,
influence others with comments,
attend church or the temple,
go visiting teaching,
go to the library,
visit my children & grandchildren,
attend socials,
do the shopping,
do family history research,
or go out on dates with my husband

Instead opportunities have
opened for me in my home
to more effective teaching
as a tutor in reading
and mentor young writers;
one on one, in depth

Through writing my thoughts are shared
my influence felt, and my voice heard
as I write encouraging letters to missionaries,
Visit teach through letters,
Write for the Ensign magazine,
Compose poems,
Support a third grade writing program,
Record family stories,
and share my ideas with Church* committees.

I am enjoying having the time
to think, write, study, teach and
support family and friends
as I listen and counsel them
by letters and phone.

From my seeming dead end
has opened up an avenue
leading to an increased
sense of  fulfillment.

10/22/07   * The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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