Wednesday, March 23, 2016

At BYU - Again

by Cheryl Merrick

What do they see when they see me?
Will they view my husband differently now?
Together we are awesome;
separate - pathetic
Do they see our unity and love?
Did they feel encouraged to have faith?
Did they see marriage as something desirable?
Something fun and joyous?

We were thanked for coming
and told we were like a comedy routine,
that we were cute,
and one young man even wanted to be like us.

We said what we felt we should --
My husband admonished the young men to increase
“ The Ward Happiness Quotient”
by sitting by the sisters
and I  encouraged them to have faith,
but I still wonder what effect
our words and example
will have in the students' lives.

(My husband and I both graduated from Brigham Young University. Forty years later, we were asked to serve in a BYU Student Ward or church group)

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