Saturday, March 19, 2016

Accepting Him

by Cheryl Merrick

Have I been too depressed,
dependent, and demanding?
Have I just not accepted him
for who he is?
He is a detail person.
He is happy dealing with facts
and doing concrete things.
He feels uncomfortable with expressions of emotion,
but wants some physical closeness
and silent companionship.

He finds fulfillment in running
a successful business.
He enjoys the challenge of it and helping people.
Though he is committed to eternal goals,
his focus is the immediate task in front of him.
He feels happy in this element.

I know he loves me and I appreciate
all the kind things he has done for me and our family.
I have tried to help him have more
balance in his life– to make time
for relationships and relaxation,
but he becomes frustrated.
He wants to get his work done.
I should understand that these things
“Need to be done.”

I do understand.
I know he has trouble setting limits
and is far more comfortable dealing
with things than people.
I need to accept that he will change,
if and when, he wants to.
It is time for me to quit expecting him
to be like me.


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