Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What Do I Really Need?

by Cheryl Merrick

How can I maintain my quiet life
when I am out in the world again?
Will I be able to say “No”
to the many pleas for help?
Can I meet everyone’s needs?
Can I nurture them
without hurting me?
Am I trying to do for others
what they should be doing for themselves?
Am I hindering their growth
by solving their problems for them?
What limits must I set?

How much getting out do I really enjoy?
Do we need to go out twice a month
all morning for visiting teaching?
Could we instead have a set date?
I want to be a good companion to my husband,
But is a financial dinner,
or running errands the best way?
Should I save my getting out
just for fun entertainment?
Should I go to the temple
when I feel sick and
have to stand to stay awake?
If getting out requires more medication,
how often should I go out?
I am energized by new input,
but do I need to go out to find it?
Can I obtain it at home
through the internet, books, and conversation?
Do I really enjoy going shopping,
or am I happier just ordering
on the internet?
How much getting out is right for me?

Am I a person who gets lonely
when I’m not constantly around people,
or do I come to life
when, at last,
I’m alone so I can develop my thoughts?
How much interaction do I need
to give purpose and expression
to my ideas and talents?
How much time should I spend in teaching?
Should I be tending grandchildren all day?
Doesn’t writing fulfill much of my mission
and give meaning to my life?
Isn’t a little conversation with my husband,
a few visits with close friends,
and email enough to content me?
Do I really need a lot of face to face interaction,
or am I happiest with written communication?
How much socialness do I really need?

Can I maintain a sense of peace
if I’m going a lot of places
and doing a lot of things?
Will I listen to His voice only
so I can fulfill my mission here?
 What do I really need
to protect my quiet life?

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