Monday, April 4, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Who am I trying to impress
when I recklessly declare
“I can do it!”,
or proudly tout my accomplishes
at the end of the day.

Just wanting me to be happy,
My husband isn’t impressed.
In fact he is disappointed
to once again come home to
a wife who is tired, stressed, and grouchy
after a day of pushing herself.

Longing for a more joyful life,
I try to accept that the Lord
can love me as I am
and that He has given me unique talents
and mission to fulfill.

Invigorated by the thrill
of working on a dozen projects
at once, I thrive.

Simplifying my life
space is made for thoughts,
and the creative sharing
of my talents.

Praying for the strength
to finally be myself,
I, at last, feel peace.

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