Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Opening a Window

by Cheryl Merrick

Seeking my own answers
I quickly become frustrated.
There seems to be no way
it can be done.
I’ve hit a blank wall
and there is no way out.
Praying for the Lord’s guidance,
new options suddenly appear.
The solution was always there,
but I just hadn’t seen it.

Yes, some details do not deserve
my limited time and energies.
Others should be delegated to my husband,
and I need to let them go.
Some things can be done more simply,
and routine can make some details easier.
But many others can still be done
if I just do them in my own way ----
Puttering a few minutes at a time/
As I allow myself to be guided by inspiration
and listen to my own inner priorities,
I can feel at peace knowing that
All that is important will be accomplished
A Window has been Opened.

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