Monday, April 4, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

I’m not to go the BYU ward,
     but to our home ward.
I’m to build relationships with
     family, friends, and ward sisters.
I’m only to go to school
     one afternoon a week.
I am to do the Visiting Teaching report
My exercise is to be moderate
     and my medication sufficient.

I’m not to worry about gardening.
I’m to manage a simple home
     making it a sanctuary of beauty.
I’m to live my sort of life with relaxed days
     spent in writing and study.
I am to spend hours each day
     on spiritual study and thought.
Will I be able to travel?
     I don’t know.
But I do know that rushing and pushing
     is over.
Struggling to meet others’ goals
     is to cease.
And as I  follow the soft, still voice
     it will lead me to peace.

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