Monday, April 4, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Anticipating a relaxing hour
sitting in the sun writing,
I quickly complete a few housekeeping details,
snuggling into my rocker,
I pick up my purple pen to write —Phone!
Enjoying a good talk with a friend,
I now realize that the time for writing is over
and try to console myself with a promise
to study after school is over.

There is left just enough time to do a few details.
Determined to not begin a new week
without finishing last week’s poems,
I arrive at school late.
Home from school I sit outside and relax,
then spend the next hour copying school papers
and fixing writing notebooks.
I tell myself that I just need
to keep going a little longer.
Tense and resigned, I finish the school work,
visiting teaching, laundry, and put the groceries away.
Sitting down to dinner,
I know I’ve nearly made it,
soon I will be able to relax and study –- Phone!
When my visit with my daughter
(which I value and enjoyed) is over,
the evening is spent.
My jaw, shoulders, and head aches,
I feel grouchy and frustrated.
Though I would not change my decisions,.
My enthusiasm has turned to depression
as I anticipate another day
of extroverting and details.

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