Monday, April 4, 2016

Advantages of Limiting Details

by Cheryl Merrick

Better Companion, Mother, & Friend
Happier All Day
More Loving and Receptive to Spirit
Manage Home Better
Think, Understand, & Remember  better
Handle few details better; more efficient
Plan Better
Feel Better - more energy

Less achy, crampy, headaches, nauseousness
Sleep Better; less tired
More able to Exercise
Less pain with injuries
More Cheerful; not depressed
More Creative & Ideas
health, business, writing, Gospel, decorating, personality, child raising
Bring Beauty and Music into our Home
More enthusiasm; want to do things
Have Time to Develop my Writing Talents
my journal (poems), share with other, share with Garrett,
 helps think out problems &, feel at peace
Have Time to Study- preparation to serve
learn and grow; stock ideas to share later
More relaxed
Receive More Inspiration
Choosing the Better Part
Better able to Lead
Set Righteous Example of Happy Life
Feel at Peace
Rejuvenate my Soul
Live a Longer Happier Life

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