Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Painting a Day

by Cheryl Merrick

Applying a little paint
here and a little paint there,
my creation slowly takes shape

Against a soft blue sky
of quiet thoughts
I add the gentle rays
of sun filled days

Now, a brush of cool blue;
studying the Book of Mormon
A little earthy brown;
a load of laundry started
and beans cooked

A sweep of green
as I draft an article
or delve into research
And some warm orange:
talking with a friend
sending encouraging notes
helping a child learn to write
a smile, a hug

I muse as soft blotches of purple
form into ideas
as poems stir to life
Accentuated by vivid dots of yellow
as papers are filed
counters wiped
and our bed made

Highlights of gold and silver
complete my painting
as I kneel to pray
and ponder the words of God

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