Monday, April 4, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Their activity is “work”
while mine is merely “play”

They accomplish much,
but I “do nothing” all day

Their work has value
Mine has none

Defining “work” as mere movement
they see themselves as “busy”
while I am “lazy”

By their definition,
They are “hard working”,
but I’m just a “day dreamer”

Valuing only what can be seen
my creation of ideas isn’t noticed

Announcing that I should “get busy”
since I do “nothing” all day,
I am assigned “real work” to do.

Discounting all the long hours of support
I devote to helping them be successful, by creating ideas,
planning, designing, analyzing, writing, and researching,
Now they also expect me
to even implement the details for them

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