Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Taking Charge

by Cheryl Merrick

Taking responsibility
for my own needs
I monitor my medication,
responding to stress levels,
providing frequent, balanced nutrition,
gentle activity, stretches, and rest.
I carefully nourish my spirit
with daily scripture study and prayer
And develop my talents
as I spend time in writing and study.

Strengthened and Prepared,
I reach out to serve:
Listening, Counseling, Sharing, Teaching
To Family, friends, school children,
visiting teaching sisters, and BYU students.

I seek to provide Temple opportunities
for my ancestors
and assistance to those who write
in on LDS.org
I work daily to make a home for our family
and strengthen relationships.

Focusing on eternal goals,
Accepting responsibility for my life,
Reaching out to help others,
I take charge of my life.

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