Monday, April 4, 2016

Once Again

by Cheryl Merrick

A long ago moment–
and held carefully
like a jewel in a cupped hand.

Smiles and joys
once again shared
as we watch those no longer here,
as toddlers and boys
play on a beach long sense deserted,
and see women,
once again full of youth and beauty,
gaze embarrassingly
into the camera’s lens.

Once again
the grandchildren
are doted upon
by my grandparents
who are the age I am now.

I watch my father,
now a bouncy, blond boy,
as he steals into the scenes
with his grown brother and sisters.

Tree chopping, cabin building;
the moments are rekindled,
the family reunited,
Once again.

my reaction to seeing my grandfather's old movies

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