Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Will I?

by Cheryl Merrick

Will I go back to my old ways,
merely responding,
losing my balance once again
my priority center life
fading into a dim memory?

Or will I lovingly lead and help him to
soften his critical replies,
relating to people with support and love?

Will I grow tired of the relentless
focus on accomplishing details,
and, once more falling into depression,
sit withdrawn in my corner,
allowing him to manage our lives?

Will I have the strength to hold
to my convictions,
or will I try to simply
take the course of least resistance,
attempting to minimize friction
by being like him?

Will I be myself,
or becoming caught up in his world,
spend my time
trying to avoid correction
by being meticulously neat?

Will I be open and laugh, dance,
and write poems,
or will I be tense and ill,
ever striving to please?

Will we allow our relationship to grow,
experiencing warmth and joy together
by seeking the Lord’s help
to change our weaknesses into strengths?

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