Tuesday, April 5, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Waiting in faith,
at last I see my dreams
becoming possible.

Will they be?
Am I to be accepted?
Are my talents to be shared?

Confronting fears,
I try my best and wait.

Gone is the secure life of merely
teaching writing and assisting
the teacher in her third grade class.

Grateful I will always be for her
friendship and for her giving
me the opportunity to teach
when I could do little else.

After seven years,
that door has closed
and can not be reopened.

Though I miss our special relationship,
and the children,
I know the new path
I have been prompted to follow is right.

But, does it lead where I think it does,
or to another place?

Overcome with longing
for my own class,
I console myself
with reminders that
if it is right,
it will be.

One moment I’m hopeful,
the next fearful.
Can I really do this?
Did I say the right things in the interviews?
Am I sure I really want to teach?


What will I do if I don’t get a winter teaching position?
Will I substitute, or volunteer
at another school?

I desire to do something meaningful
to help children;
to have a place where I belong.

No longer is shopping, caring for our home,
visiting, writing, and doing family history

The thought of being alone all day
fills me with dread.
I want to spend my day with people.
I desire challenge
and a class of my own.

Confident the Lord loves me
and has been guiding me,
I still anxiously wonder
“Where am I headed?”

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