Monday, April 4, 2016

It Worked!

by Cheryl Merrick

Details in order
by the time my husband left,
I began my day with
prayer, writing a poem, & thinking,
followed by half an hour
of scripture study
as I exercised on the treadmill.

Next, I sent some special notes to friends,
spent time studying personality type,
checked my adrenal blog and found
        over 500 people have visited it since February!
set up a more personal journal type blog
typed up (in beautiful colors, of course!)
 my ideas on introversion and extroversion of personality traits
and spent forty minutes on family history

Content with a full, satisfying day,
I shared my accomplishments with my husband,
then spent the evening answering emails,
finished the laundry,
watching part of an old movie together,
and ended with soaking in a hot tub
while I read a conference talk, health information
and a fun story before going to bed.

Though the details came last,
they still got done,
but most importantly,
I finally got things
I valued done.
It Worked!

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