Monday, April 4, 2016

Ideal Life

by Cheryl Merrick

Time to enjoy swinging
under my pecan tree

Time to listen to the birds sing
and enjoy the sunlight

Time to spend unrushed
moments with husband,
family and friends

Time to study scriptures,
Gospel manuals and magazines

Time to ponder what is right
and how to implement it

Time to relax throughout the day
and soak in a hot tub
with a good book

Time to keep my home in order
and make it beautiful

Time to do family history
and attend the temple

Time to nurture the women in our ward
and children at school

Time to enjoy plays, exhibits,
and family socials

Time to assist my husband
in all his endeavors

Time to write articles, blogs,
memories and poems

Time to dance, laugh and nap
Time to focus on principles
with few distracting details

Time to seek the eternal
unpressured by excessive demands

Time to be still
and know God

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