Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Only a Volunteer

by Cheryl Merrick

I know myself to be a:
Certified Teacher
     with a current credential and
     who is School District Trained
Experienced Tutor
     who has helped children
     no other teacher could
Capable Educator
     who has managed large classes
     and ably planned lessons
Published Author & Editor
     with articles printed
     in the Ensign magazine and newspapers

Sensitive Poet
     who writes daily
     and models the writing process
Successful Writing Coach
     proving that I can get all children
     to write clearly and enjoy writing
Applier of Learning Styles
     helping each child to learn
     in their own way
Emphatic Mentor
     who is able to custom design
     programs to fit each child
Enthusiastic Learner
     who studies how to improve
     and applies what I learn
Capable Organizer
     of areas, time, resources, and ideas
Concerned Adviser
     based on extensive study
     and emphatic understanding
Creative Problem Solver
     who uses correct principles
     and flexible solutions
Supportive Wife
     who helps her husband to
     grow and be his best
Caring Mother
     who has raised four children
     with various challenges
Efficient Homemaker
     who uses prioritizing and delegation
     to run a simple, peaceful home
Devoted Friend
      who listens from the heart
      and shows concern

And most of all,
A Steadfast Idealist
     who holds to what
     I know to be right

But I am seen merely as:
     Someone with no
     ability, experience,
     or training;

Who has been judged
     as inferior and incompetent
     because I do not spell or
     remember details well.
Who’s seeming success is based
      not on talent,
but on simply spending
      individual time with children.

And so, dismissing my strengths,
     they give me the demeaning
     title of being
  “Only A Volunteer”

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