Monday, April 4, 2016

Details and I

by Cheryl Merrick

After a week of going through my wardrobe
and rearranging my home,
I had more energy and was even laughing!
Why did I feel so much better?
I couldn’t just keep redoing my home.
I prayed for understanding
and realized that it wasn’t the activity,
but what I wasn’t doing –Details!
I had hardly touched the computer or stove all week.
Instead I’d spent the week in a world of color, space,
ideas, and with my grandson.

Observing myself,
I sense my tension increase
when I spend very long with
sequencing data and following through.
My jaw, shoulders, and head aches,
my stomach is nauseous,
I hurt all over and feel shaky,
and I feel so tired that I don’t even want to move!

Assured that I must change,
but knowing I can’t eliminate all details,
I’m limiting these things to just an hour
first thing in the morning
and will eliminate all I can

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