Friday, April 1, 2016

Invisible Chains

by Cheryl Merrick

Slowly, we allow invisible chains to envelop us.
Chains forged from carefully nurtured fears
grow, link by link, as we tell ourselves
“We can’t do it”, or “We can’t change”.

And so we place limitations on our potential,
like the powerful adult elephant
who continues to restrict itself
to the bounds dictated
by an inadequately small chain,
simply because that chain
was once able to hold him as a baby.

So, too we often allow our childhood limits
in abilities and opportunities
to restrict our lives,
permitting fears of failure,
of not being loved or of being controlled,
to prevent us from seeing the present reality.

While we sit immobilized by our fears,
our Savior waits for those with faith
to receive his power into their lives.
Only then can we experience his promise that,
“The truth shall make you free.”

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