Friday, April 1, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

When Will I Be Happy?

I will be happy when:
I get through school
When I fall in love
When I get married
When I have a baby
When our relationship is better
When I have more children
When I have my own home
When it is paid for

When we make more money
When my husband doesn’t have to work so long
When we just buy that thing
When we are out of debt
When the kids are grown
When I’m not alone
When I feel well
When I get fit
When I am thinner
When I have more time and energy
When our children and grandchildren are all happy
When our parents and relatives are happy
When our neighbors and the whole world is happy
When will I be happy?
When I choose to be.

When Will I Enjoy Life?

I will relax and enjoy life when:
I get the assignment done
When this project is finished
When I no longer have this commitment
When she isn’t teething
When he isn’t a teenager
When she is well
When he chooses the right
When my husband retires
When I no longer hurt
When I’m not so tired
When the holidays are over
When we finish remodeling
When we spend more time together
When things settle down
When things aren’t so boring
When we have a vacation
When things get back to normal
When all is well with everyone
Yes, I will stop and enjoy life,
When? - Maybe tomorrow.

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