Friday, April 1, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

As I began serving as a
   Church Service Missionary*
   in mid August 2011,
My life began to change.
I’ve been able to do more
   both physically and emotionally.
I feel a new focus and sense of purpose
   and an increased spiritual strength.

I’ve been able to go into the school
   and help the children with creative writing.
My home is in better order than it’s ever been.
I’m managing details with an unaccustomed ease.
Ideas have come to simplify my life
   and my husband is supporting me by performing
   some of the daily routine details for me.
I’ve rearranged our home and am happier with
  the more spacious, better lit, and brighter rooms.
I’m able to visit our grandchildren weekly,
    call my mother and friends.
I’ve only kept the essential responsibilities
    as the visiting teaching coordinator and
    feel I’m supporting the sisters in our ward
    better than I’ve been able to do before.
I was able to share my faith with the students at
   BYU and have a Family Home Evening
   group of thirty two come to our home.
I’m feeling closer than ever to Garrett.

Amazingly I have been able to handle
   the details required in giving responses
   to the questions from
I have felt peaceful.
Ideas have come.
I’ve just known where to find many answers
   or what I should say.
I feel myself being magnified
  and becoming more than I was before.

*for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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