Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Officially Old

by Cheryl Merrick

You know you are officially old
when you start receiving advertisements 
for hearing aids, medicare, motorized wheelchairs, 
and retirement planning
when you take a handful of pills each day
when you become stiff and achy 
after sitting for a little while
when you can no longer find your waist
and your pants have “shrunk”
when you keep losing your other glasses,
or tilting your head to look through bifocals
when it is hard to hear clearly over background noise,
or drive at night

when you get cold and tire easily
when you forget something before you can write it down
when younger people offer to help you do things
and don’t expect you to know anything
when you are addressed as “Brother” or “Sister”
when youth groups come to your home to do service
when you and your spouse take a walk 
and are called a “cute couple” 
when your home is “old” and it is your age
when your social life consists of doctor visits 
and you have a “special” diet
when small activities end in a nap
when you can remember
using a manual typewriter and
drying clothes on a clothesline
when mothering and homemaking were honored professions
and the father supported the family
and when being told you were “good” was a complement
when you finally accept who you are
and just enjoy being yourself
when you have learned from many experiences
and some even think you are wise
when unimportant things no longer matter
when sorrow has softened your heart
and when you have finally learned
to walk by faith

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