Tuesday, October 20, 2015


by Cheryl Merrick

I look at this woman,
   noting the many changes 
   the years have brought.
She has lost her chin,
   but gained several bulges.
Her hair is naturally “frosted”. 
Her face carefully etched 
 with a record of her joys and sorrows.

No longer frustrated 
  by forgetting something,
  but joyful in remembering anything, 
  she passes through her day.
No longer traumatized 
   by a small facial blemish,

Now, she arises grateful 
   that everything basically works.
No longer trying to appear perfect,
   her mistakes are too well known,
No longer anxiously comparing her looks
   and accomplishments to others,
No longer futilely striving 
   to be like half a dozen other women,
She is at last content to be herself.
Simply allowing The Lord 
     to direct her day,
She gives what she can
     and is at peace.

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