Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Advantages of Turing 50

by Cheryl Merrick

My hair is naturally “frosted”.
I have a wardrobe that would make
  any expecting 20 year old envious.
My teeth match my cream sweater.
The purple lines add interest to my legs.
You can play connect the dots on the back of my hands
and for higher math practice,
try counting the lines on my face.

Chinlessness is a sign of maturity, I’m sure.
I no longer worry about my figure- I lost it years ago,
but take satisfaction in achieving a proper “Grandmother” look.

Though I may not be able to remember things,
it makes me appear so forgiving.
It saves time too, for if you start with forgetting,
forgiving takes care of itself.
Also, since I no longer can distinguish
many small details,
I appear to be more tolerant,
so you see 50 is a great age to be!

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