Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Paths

by Cheryl Merrick

Young, I stepped away from the security
of my family’s small road.
Taking a path yet untried.
I ventured out, full of fear and excitement 
on my path to college.
Meeting the right young man,
we announced the formation of a new road,
And so a small family began 
becoming larger with the addition of each child.
Hurrying to appointments and  programs,
Our family speeds along.
I feel a sense of fulfillment in  constantly being needed,
and thrive on motherhood,
a road which never seems to end.

The road I never thought would end -  has. 
At first it just narrowed, as one by one,
each child left finding their own path
til, with only one left home,
anxious to soon step away on his own,
I see my road of active motherhood
ending a short way ahead.
Yes, I will always be a mother,
but the consuming bustle 
of caring, teaching, and nurturing
has dwindled into a small but constant path 
of  love and concern.

Finding myself on a small path once again,
I feel disoriented and confused.
I remind myself that I raised my children
to stand on their own.
Now that they are,
I ponder what to do now?
Career? Community service? Return to school?
With the old excitement and fear,
I begin to make a new road for myself
filled not with the demands of daily
nurturing of children,
but with other service and opportunity for growth.
Amazed, I find I am beginning to enjoy
this slower, rambling road.

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