Monday, May 11, 2015


by Cheryl Merrick

How can a philosopher possibly be 
a homemaker?

I don’t enjoy endless hours performing small tasks precisely,
preferring instead to spend my time pondering the scriptures.

Neither do I fold sheets, bake cakes, 
or pull unwanted plants out of the ground,
instead I savor time to write my thoughts.

I don’t put fruit in bottles, sew frilly dresses, or run errands all day,
but I  study, plan, do family history, tutor, and have time to visit.

I neither polish silver, shampoo rugs, or iron shirts,
though I do devote time to decorating my home.

My meals are not a production of a dozen intricate steps,
but they are nutritious and my home orderly and clean.

Happily, without any “to do” lists,
I putter through my day,
creating a place, founded on true principles,
of beauty and peace.

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