Monday, May 11, 2015


by Cheryl Merrick

Encouraged by society to
“Seek her fulfillment”,
the mother leaves the 
“Stifling environment of home”
and enters
”the liberating work force.”
Where she is promised
“stimulating adult communication”,
“recognition of her abilities”,
and “money to buy all the things she wants.”

Her last vestiges of hesitation
are swept away by “authorities”
who assure that her children
will thrive in day care.

So the woman foolishly
gives up her freedom,
and entrusts her children to strangers.
As she joins the workforce,
she finds herself pressured to produce at work,
and harried to still maintain her home.

Where is the time she once had?
No longer does she have the time nor the energy 
to nurture her marriage,
listen to a child’s concern,
visit with a friend, 
or pursue a hobby.

As the months pile into years,
and the promised fulfillment
recedes farther and farther,
she longs for her old life
the freedom she once had at home.

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