Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cutting Apron Strings

by Cheryl Merrick

Oh! The pain!
Doesn't she love me anymore?
How can he just ignore me?
Why doesn't she even call?

We were so close.
Have I done something wrong?
He passes by me as if I wasn't even there,
and spends his time with others.

She replies, "I'm ok", when I ask how she is doing.
That's it. Nothing more.
My queries are met with, "I said, I'm fine."
Why is she shutting me out of her life?

I love them so much!
I just want to council and guide them
through these perilous times
and land them safely on the shore of adulthood.

But, in time, I realize that this is a voyage
that must be charted by the ship's captain,
not by his mother.

She needs me to always love her.
He needs me to have confidence in him.
They need me to cheer them on,
and to be there in emergencies.

But the time has come to give up
my active involvement in their lives.
It is time to step back.
Though, sooner than I was ready,
the time has come
to cut the apron strings.

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