Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Writer's Life

by Cheryl Merrick

I thought I'd write in my spare time,
perhaps late at night
when everyone is in bed
and all my "work" is done.

So dutifully I pushed though the day,
doing all the little things which "must be done",
until I found myself too exhausted to write
when evening finally came.

At last, I came to understand
that writing is not something
to check off,
but a way of life.

It requires constant thought,
hours of research,
and spiritual nourishment.

It requires a life uncluttered
by materialistic concerns,
and constant busyness.

It is nurtured by quiet hours
spent in meditation
and walking in nature.

It requires the love
to vulnerably share your talent
and a dedication to make a better world.

It involves a deep sense of responsibility
and keen awareness
that what you say,
and what you withhold,
may influence lives.

Not writing leads to a life unfulfilled,
shadowed by the knowledge that
I will be held accountable
for those I could have helped,
but did not.

Writing is a way of life,
a gift from God
to be shared with the world.
Writing is an expression who I am.
Writing is the life I live.

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