Monday, November 2, 2015


by Cheryl Merrick

Alone in my dusky room,
beaten down by the whisperings
of specters from the past,
I sink lower and lower into the cushions of my chair.
"You made the wrong decision."
"You did the wrong thing."
"You are incompetent."
"You are a selfish, bad person."

Like a blanket guilt, shame, and depression

begin to smother me,

then a ray of light penetrates the gloom
reminding me of who I really am, a daughter of God,
and that I don't need to be perfect in everything right now.
All I need to do is try my best.
The Lord will do the rest.

Pushing aside this debilitating weight of fear,

and ignoring the strident voices from the past,
I rise and pull back the shutters.
Windows are flung open,
allowing light and hope
from the SON to fill the room of my heart.

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