Friday, July 31, 2015

The Time for Ending

by Cheryl Merrick

My heart breaks,
longing for close relationships 
that can never be.

Day after day,
I tried to offer them love and support,
but all they could see was manipulation.

A gift freely given was seen as an attempt
to grasp control of their life, 
or as unconditional surrender to their will.

With little confidence in their own abilities, 
they, like a drowning person, clung to me,
desperately and dangerously 
trying to use me to save them, 
to meet their needs for them.

Always fearful, they shut out my love
and tried to protect themselves
by attempting to enslave my soul.

Weary of their constant maneuvering, 
their inability to love or trust,
their refusal to learn and grow,
and their emotional dumping, 
I knew the time had finally come
for ending. 

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