Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Memories

by Cheryl Merrick

Bright, pine scented memories
of candles and tinkling chimes,
and of the great tree my grandfather had cut
filling their living room with balls and light.

Warm, happy memories
of the family gathering around the dinning table
to enjoy the Christmas feast, together.

Joyful, rich memories
of singing familiar Christmas carols,
and of eating date nut bread, cheese, and fudge.

Impatient, longing memories
of having to carefully hang each strand of tinsel,
and of watching the tree lights bubble
as time crept slowly toward Christmas morn.

Lonely, on my own memories,
of being off at college,
of a crepe paper tree, and term papers,
then of flying home to spend Christmas with my family.

Memories, sweet and tender,
of our simple Christmases,
of homemade felt ornaments,
and precious presents made by small hands
from wood, material, glitter, paint, and paper.

Memories of long ago,
acted out by devoted doll carrying Madonnas,
patient donkeys, sad innkeepers, and exuberant angels,
as we remember His Love
and rejoice in His gift of hope.

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