Thursday, November 6, 2014


by Cheryl Merrick

Knowing I’m a daughter of God
Having true principles to guide me
Having a husband who loves me
Having four children, their spouses, & grandchildren
Having good friends & helpful neighbors

Being able to see, hear, move, and talk
Being able to think and remember
Living in a peaceful community
Living in a free country in comfort and ease
Having basic necessities in abundance
Having a large home filled with beautiful things
Having clean air, nutritious food, attractive clothing,
dependable transportation and good health care
Having a good education &
the opportunity to learn and grow
Having few pressures
Being free to make my own environment 
and choose what to do each day
Having machines to free me from household drudgery
and give my thoughts wings
Being able to make a home and share my talents
Having time to think and write
Being able to help others
What more could I need?

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